Thursday, October 29, 2009

5 Kittens - 5 Personalities

Each one of these kittens has a unique personality.  I'll try to give a little description of each one, so you can get to know which one you might like best.

This is Olaf.

Olaf is definitely the shyest one of the group.  He is the most hesitant around humans still, but is finally starting to warm up. 

Olaf loves to play and likes to be pet, but his shyness sometimes keeps him from approaching people he's not used to.  As his siblings get adopted, he's starting to come out of his shell more and more.  He gets along very well with the other cats and the dog, but he tends to play second-fiddle to the more outspoken animals. 

A cat lover with patience would make the best family for Olaf.  As he gets more and more used to human contact, he is definitely showing himself to be a warm, but not needy cat.

This is Larry.

It's hard to explain Larry.  My wife and I just call him a "son of a bitch".  Larry is funny and quirky but also very sweet.  He does whatever he feels like whenever he feels like it, whether that means falling asleep wherever he happens to be at the moment or playing with his sibling while they are trying to sleep.

Larry started out being the runt and by far the most angry about being captured, but within two days he decided he was over it and since then has been a sweetheart.  Larry has a great personality and gets along great with our dog and anybody who comes by.  We'll often see a cat acting like a fool and ask "who is that?" and it's almost always Larry.

This is Armando (ADOPTED).

He is the lover of the litter.  He was the first to get comfortable in the house, and has always been one of the sweetest.  He likes to get picked up and pet, and gets along well with people and animals.

Despite his sweetness, he is actually pretty playful and likes to explore.  His coloring is a little more golden/brown than the others.  He would make a great indoor housecat.

This is Duke (ADOPTED).

Duke is the clear leader of the pack.  He has a slightly bigger frame than the others, and is pretty headstrong.  He's very playful but also easy going.  He's not afraid of much.  He was one of the first ones to ease into the role of house-cat from being a feral kitten.

Duke also gets along very well with our dog (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), so I expect that he would be good around pets and children.

This is Tess (ADOPTED).

Tess is the only girl in the litter.  She is still the smallest of the group, and has the lightest features.  Tess started off as one of the more hesitant kittens, but in the last week she has gotten comfortable, and is one of the most playful of the group.  She LOVES to play with toys and climb on things if you let her.  She has used the scratching post already, so I wouldn't worry too much about furniture as long as you set up a little play area for her.

Please help us find these sweet kittens homes.  They are only about 2 months old and still need their shots, etc.  They are all housebroken and would make great pets.  Email me at if you want one, and please spread the word.  Send the link to this site ( to everyone you know in the Portland, Oregon area so we can find these cats permanent homes.

Thank you!

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