Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update - November 4th

Armando is still here awaiting pickup from his new mom.  Larry and Olaf are still waiting to find their perfect homes.  I'm reposting descriptions of these two below.  Again, email me at if you are interested in meeting them.  There is no adoption fee, but they will need all of their shots, etc. once you take them home.

This is Olaf.

Olaf is definitely the shyest one of the group. He is the most hesitant around humans still, but is finally starting to warm up.

Olaf loves to play and likes to be pet, but his shyness sometimes keeps him from approaching people he's not used to. As his siblings get adopted, he's starting to come out of his shell more and more. He gets along very well with the other cats and the dog, but he tends to play second-fiddle to the more outspoken animals.

A cat lover with patience would make the best family for Olaf. As he gets more and more used to human contact, he is definitely showing himself to be a warm, but not needy cat.

This is Larry.

It's hard to explain Larry. My wife and I just call him a "son of a bitch". Larry is funny and quirky but also very sweet. He does whatever he feels like whenever he feels like it, whether that means falling asleep wherever he happens to be at the moment or playing with his sibling while they are trying to sleep.

Larry started out being the runt and by far the most angry about being captured, but within two days he decided he was over it and since then has been a sweetheart. Larry has a great personality and gets along great with our dog and anybody who comes by. We'll often see a cat acting like a fool and ask "who is that?" and it's almost always Larry.

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